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A Music Video with The New Dreamz

This past weekend I went down to Philadelphia to work on an Extreme Animals music video with “The New Dreamz”. I made an inaccurate blog post about them a while ago where I think I mixed up all the names:(

Anyway, this weekend it was AJW and Rose and it was an honor to be a part of this collaboration. Below is a photo someone took during the shooting, and a nice description from their blog of what is to come!

“The New Dreamz are making a music video with The Extreme Animals for The Extreme Animals. When it is complete videos won’t have to made anymore because we will have accomplished everything that was left to be accomplished in the realm of video. After that we will join Twitter and tweet only about whether Christoga is a form of Satan worship, like watching a Care Bears cartoon, or if it is a true and enlightened path that leads you closer to becoming flexible enough to squirm through the gates of Heaven.”