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Comedy Dreamz in NYC

This past weekend I had the opportunity to see a free performance by “Comedy Dreamz” at the NY Art Book Fair.  Comedy Dreamz is a monthly(?) night of comedy and “art comedy” in Philadelphia. Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Rose Luardo are 2 of the main contributors, and for their performance in NYC they brought many fellow performers with them. They also played videos by “You Are Me”, a related Philadelphia-based performance collective. Here is an example of YouAreMe’s videos:

In NYC it was a variety show with many complimentary acts, including the dance troupe “Body Dreamz” which seemed to perform routines either directly lifted from or inspired by the routines of The Fly Girls from In Living Color. Their moves were impressive and well-choreographed. They weren’t trying to be pro’s but they weren’t trying to be “intentionally bad” either. They reminded me of other projects I have seen that work with the notion of “the amateur” very effectively–not amateur as in “this is so bad it’s good” but instead “this has a lot of complexity because I see this person not just as an artist but also as a human.” The dance troupe was understated:  somewhere in between funny, awkward and mundane as in “I’m just being me . . . with a little help from an uncomfortable costume.”