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Recent Screenings: November 2010

Once again I am posting info about some screenings that have already happened. My videos were in these screenings, I  guess I am just listing these to keep track of all of them:

Fun  Fun Fun Fest: in Austin, Texas, Nov 4-6, 2010.  I think they played the entire “Music Is A Question With No Answer” DVD-R in a program organized by Black Magic Roller Coaster that also included Everything in Heaven is TV and Everything Is Terrible.

Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, Thursday Nov 4, 2010: “The Peace Tape” was screened in a program that also featured work by Oneohtrix Point Never, Michael Bell-Smith, and Dara Birnbaum.

International Rome Film Festival, Nov, 4, 2010: One of my works was screened in a program with Forcefield, James Ferraro, Takeshi Murata, Megazord, and others.