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Stress Boxes in Spain

One of my older videos “How To Escape From the Stress Boxes” is screening at the Punto De Vista International Documentary Film Festival, as a part of a night of film and video curated by Ben Russel.
Info is here:

Pamplona Spain, 22-27 of February, 2011

“There are two ways of approaching the work of a filmmaker: watching their films or watching the films that have led them to create such images –a sort of yellow-tiled path. Ben Russell, winner of the Punto de Vista Grand Award for Best Film 2010 for the amazing Let Each One Go Where He May and member of the Punto de Vista 2011 jury, retraces the steps along the yellow-tiled path that have led to his latest work by picking a series of short films whose echoes we can hear in his films. Faced with the dilemma of whether to explore Russell’s images or let him guide us down the road that brought him to them, we have chosen to go off the beaten path. A steeper, radical path taking us to the roots of Russell’s films: animals, distant countries, and an experimental anthropology that inform a way of filmmaking that is a passage to spiritual trance.”