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4Chan and Paper Rad, 2011

Ben Jones is working on a new show for Cartoon Network and it’s first episode aired last night. I did a little searching and found a 4Chan thread discussing the first episode, which then seemed to develop into a discussion about Paper Rad, the art collective I devoted 6 years of my life to. It was my first time ever reading a 4Chan thread, and I must say it was an intense experience in which I learned a lot about how certain works of art (particularly mine) function on the internet. For those interested in debates between underground versus popular aesthetics, in creating works of art that can speak to multiple audiences at once, or in what gives art work validity, below are some interesting perspectives, spoken in the internet’s native language: “TROLL”.  I copied and pasted 2 troll quotes here, the conversation is now “lost forever” in 4Chan heaven. . . .

“Why base a whole show around an extreme art style that looks horrible and no one mainstream even knows is popular? I never even fucking heard of paper rad before and I know a ton of hipsters.”

“Art is something you need to step into the right mindset to appreciate. That’s why people go to galleries or museums or indie cinemas to see it. When you’re eating dinner in your pajamas after a long day at work and watching kids shows, you’re not exactly in the most mentally receptive state for art. You just want fucking entertainment. People don’t watch CN looking for art. They just see it and think it looks ugly and change the channel.
Paper rad belongs in galleries, and that’s fine, let it go be art there. If you decide to bring it to a wider audience who doesn’t understand it you have to be open to the criticisms that come with that. Art isn’t infallible just because it’s art.”

oh, and: