News About ME

Summer 2011 updates

Hello Everyone!!

Here are some things I have been doing recently:

1. An interview with Ian Glover for

2. “Am I Evil?” A new video/collage piece I finished for the Pittsburgh Biennial, at the PCA in Pittsburgh–on view until October 2011!

3. A lecture/performance with Ryder Ripps about “what it means 2 B Extreme”, at Columbia University, as a part of this series.

4. “Persistence of Visions of Faces of Death” at PNCA in Portland, and a write-up here.

5. Coming soon: an Extreme Animals Mix for Mixpak FM (really excited about this one).

6. Also Extreme Animals has been really busy. We have been making lots of new videos, we went on tour 3 times (David made some amazing blog posts about it, starting here), we have been working on remixes, and have some new shirts for sale ONLINE.

7. I am showing one of my videos Friday August 19th at Soloway in Brooklyn, organized by JD Walsh

8. My video “Dark Green” is showing in the exhibition “Motion/Pictures” in Sidney, Australia.