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Fall 2011 News

Hi Everyone

Just some updates on what I am up to right now (September/October/November 2011):

1. I made a 50-minute “epic” audio mix in collaboration with David from Extreme Animals for Mixpak FM. And it was blogged about by MTV here!

2. Extreme Animals is playing the VIA music and new media festival in Pittsburgh on October 7th. Also, as a part of the festival, 2 works of mine, “Welcome to My Homeypage” and “Don’t Worry Be Happy-stressful mix” (that are a part of the permanent collection at The Carnegie Museum) will be screened as a part of the Warhol Museum/CMOA Film Lounge.

3. Extreme Animals is playing a show at the Museum of Moving Image with Anamanaguchi, Lovid, and others on October 8th. I made a “video flyer” for the event, which is here:

4. After that Extreme Animals is going on a small east coast tour ending in Boston at the Home Grown III Festival. That schedule is here. Don’t forget to click “attending” and “like” on EVERY facebook invite EVER (JK).

5. My video “Questions of the Ages” will be a part of the “Definitive Gaze” exhibition at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, along with videos by Alex Bag, and others. October 13-31.

6. I will be performing with Shana Moulton, Ben Coonley and others on October 28th as a part of an event called “The Future Has 2 Faces”, a fundraiser for Triple Canopy.

7. I will be speaking/lecturing at Johns Hopkins University on November 20th. More info on time/place soon 🙂