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November 2011 News

Hi Everyone!

More late-2011 updates:

1. David Wightman and I are talking this Friday (November 18th) at Columbia University on a panel entitled “Instrumentalization Of Music” about the crossover between art and music worlds. Other panelists include Zach Layton, Tristan Perich, Howie Chen, Khaela Maricich, and Melissa Dyne (that’s a sick lineup).

632 west 125th street
Prentis Hall
First Floor
“open to the public”

1. I am  ALSO talking this Sunday (November 2oth) at Johns Hopkins University. Here is the flyer, click for bigger version with details:

2. Extreme Animals entered a new song into the TranceWAR. It looks like we are not going to win, but you should still go listen to all the tracks, try and find ours (it’s an anonymous competition) and VOTE!!

3. Extreme Animals is donating a ringtone to the community campaign. Please support Rhizome–u have no idea how much they have supported me!!

4. “Am I Evil” , one of my newer videos (with music by Extreme Animals) is being screened as a part of the Floating World Animation Fest DMTV2 on November 21st.

4.”Am I Evil” is also showing at this screening, curated by Jesse Mclean(scroll down):

5. A 9-year old video of mine “Welcome To My Homeypage” (which is an excerpt of the Paper Rad piece “PJVidz“) will be screened in Chicago on December 14th in conjunction with this exhibit:

6. Extreme Animals has some upcoming December performances I am pretty excited about. They include the after party for the brooklyn comics and graphics festival (flyer below made by CF), and then 4 shows with Yacht including a show in Pittsburgh!! More details on those shows ASAP!!

7. I am making a new collage/video piece for a show in Raleigh in January 2012 at the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh. The show opens January 28th–more info on this as it develops. I will also be giving an animated .gif workshop there! Very excited about both of these opportunities!

8. Here is some documentation of the *weird* performance I did for the Triple Canopy benefit. You should check out the other videos on this page as well, it was an amazing event: