News About ME

February 2012


1) If you haven’t seen our video and musical remix for pictureplane’s “body mods”, here it is:

Pictureplane “Body Mods” remix by Extreme Animals from Jacob Ciocci on Vimeo.

This was blogged about on rhizome and dis magazine, 2 of my favorite websites of all time! #proud

2)Some of my drawings and “color photos” (screenshots) are in this DFW zine. Other artists include Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Isaac Lynn and Barry McGee. Apparently these are “going fast” so you better get it now or wait until you see me and I’ll tell you I ran out:

3) I designed the cover to the new issue of Incite! Journal , and below is an image of my design. Inside is an interview between myself and Jesse McLean, which was a lot of fun.

I think you can “grip” your copy of this journal here

4) The single-channel version of my video “Am I Evil” is in a couple of upcoming screenings: “Video INFusion” on February 11th at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn and “Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy” at Monster Truck Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

5) I only have a couple of quick images for now, but I just finished a new collage/video project entitled “COPY CATS” for CAM Raleigh for their exhibit “Born Digital” (which also includes work by LoVid and Karolina Sobecka along with many other heavy hitters). My work is made of 40 new collages displayed in a grid-like pattern and a new animation which is projected on top of them. I will have better documentation soon, but get ready for another piece about “cats” and “copy cats”:

6) Oh yeah and here is a link to documentation of the 1-day workshop I did in conjunction with the exhibit. It was called “OMG LOL GIFS made IRL” and we made animated gifs using both digital (3frames) techniques and analog (collage and markers) techniques. I just learned it appears someone in San Antonio saw this idea and replicated it there as well!