News About ME


1. Some hot Extreme Animals shows coming up at the end of April/Beginning of May, including Rhizome 2012 fundraiser, Black Dice BBQ, and Cornell University. Dates are here as always please tell your friends I might 4get 2 tweet.

2. “Am I Evil” and “Questions of the Ages”, 2 recent videos are showing/were recently shown at these events/locations:

April 26-ongoing: EYEBEAM:
FEb. 23-March 20th:DUBLIN:
April 13th: MIAMI:
March 30th: BASEL:

3. 10 more days to go see the Born Digital show if you are in Raleigh, it features my new piece “copy cat” which is 40 new collages and a video projection:

4.  I recently screened a new mix of recent in-progress and finished versions of videos at this event when it came through Pittsburgh:

These guys have the VHS game on lock and it was nice to finally meet them IRL. I think one of my favorite parts of their project is their expanding collection of Jerry McGure VHS–crowd sourcing at it’s finest!

Look for a mix to drop some time in 2012 with lots of new Jacob Ciocci/Extreme Animals videos. Psyched about this–new styles for 2k12~~~in-progress screen shot below:

5. I helped Death Grips “code” a flash interface for one of their recent music videos. Anyone could have “coded” this project but it was an honor to work with these guys. They R killing the game right now, read this interview for evidence, they mean business!

6. I was in a show curated by Brian Droitcour (who a while ago wrote a great review of one me and David’s old-school performances) at 319 Scholes. The show was called “big reality” and was a great survey of all the weird new kids doing their thing right now. Thanks Brian for the opportunity: