News About ME

Spring 2013 updates

1.My new project “The Salesman,” which I made in collaboration with Cleveland local celebrity and eccentric furniture salesman Marc Brown (aka Marc Norton) is on display at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art. Full photo and video documentation coming soon. For now, check out this page. Or watch some of his commericals online.

2. Recent screenings of my videos:
-Bonnarroo (yes, this happened, ask Peter Burr for more details)
Personal Best event series at Outpost in Ridgewood
“From The Cloud” at Magic Lantern Theater, Providence, RI

3. I’m going on tour in October as a part of this tour and then again in November. Please get in touch with me if you want me to come  to your town!

4. On this tour, if everything goes according to plan, Extreme Animals will have a VHS release of our new videos–released by Thunder Zone Entertainment! Here are some excerpts to get you excited: