News About ME


1. Very proud of our new limited edition VHS release “The Urgency”.

We have been working on these songs and videos slowly over the past few years and I think it turned out great. It comes with an 8-page zine with some new writing by me. “DEDICATED TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD THEIR LIVES WRECKED BY COMPUTERS, THE INTERNET OR SOCIAL MEDIA.” BUY IT HERE:

2. I did an interview to promote Mould Map 3’s kickstarter, which was fully funded. Check out the interview and get psyched for this new publication, available in early 2104:

My contribution to the actual publication is new writing, printed in glorious neon color, designed/laid out by me. I am honored to be in this publication with so many other great artists:

3. I did a simple, “quick and dirty” web project to promote Oneohtrix Point Never’s new record for Warp. You’ll have to click through the site to find mine. Again, I couldn’t be more honored to be involved in this project with many of my favorite artists of all time!

4. Earlier this year, Extreme Animals and I received a Rhizome grant for this performance-based project, which we did in collaboration with Molly Soda, Ben Aqua, Aaron Kolfage (top8Friends), Labanna Babalon, and Angelina Dreem:

We are finishing the ArtBase entry for this project now. We have some amazing video and photo footage shot by Angelina Dreem sitting on a hard drive that we need to go through. Eventually this footage will surface into something rad–guaranteed.

5. I was mentioned in this article/conversation on Mousse Magazine between Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter, regarding some issues that are near and dear to my heart. Please read, very #topical:

6. I am in this online exhibition, along with many other greats!! Thank you Andrew Benson for curating/inviting me to be involved!

7. Recent and upcoming screenings/exhibitions of my videos:
“Take Me” (2012) screened at: “You Are Here” at NY Art Department:

“Surfing/Suffering” (2013) screened at “Hollister” at Fitness Gallery:

“The Peace Tape” (2008) to be screened as a part of  the 2014 Ambulante Film Festival, at various locations throughout Mexico: