News About ME


1. I was invited to be a part of Brad Troemel’s “Chat Room 3” reading group at BHQFU in Manhattan. They read 3 of my essays and we talked about them as a group. Also it was the day #normcore broke so let’s just say the discussion got #weirdcore.

2. I wrote a brief essay on what the concept of The Thunder Zone means to me, for issue 7 of Asher’s Magazine. This will be released online on Friday March 11th and there will be a release party in Brooklyn here.

3. I will be doing a lecture and studio visits at Denison University in Ohio on April 14th-15th. I believe the talk is open to the public. Or if you are anywhere nearby in Ohio and want to chill, let me know.

4. Extreme Animals are doing a short mini-tour in May on our way up and back to play the Sight and Sound Festival in Montreal. We are playing at the final event of the festival, with Dopplereffect! A dream come true. Look for dates soon.

5. Recent screenings of my videos:
Ghosting TV numer 7 in Los Angeles, on February 22nd.
Northwest Animation Festival, on May 14th.

5. Finally, and most importantly, thank you to Steve Lambert for pointing out that if you search for “making friends computers” in google image search, I am a top search result!!!