News About ME

Late 2014 UPDATES

It’s been a while, I’ve got a lot of UP-d8s:

1. I recently finished an online commission for NewHive entitled “New Expressions.”  In addition I wrote some notes about the project as I worked on it, which were published to Hyperallergic. Here is an image from one of the 11 web pages from this project:


2. “The Urgency” will be screened in it’s entirety (NYC debut) at Migrating Forms December 18th. Info/purchase tickets here:

3. I was in 2 group shows in Brooklyn this fall. I showed 2 new paintings in this show at Cleopatra’s and I showed another new animated painting piece at this show at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. Here is one of the paintings from the Cleopatra’s show:


4. I made a music video for my friend from Pittsburgh whose music project is called “Ennui.” The video is based on the classic “Go West” music video “King Of Wishful Thinking.” Here is the video:

5. I did an “Artist’s Notebook” for Animal-New York where I explained the process behind the creation of the videos for “The Urgency”.

6. I kept track of a week of my “Media Diet” for ArtNews’ “Consumer Reports” series. Check it out here. It was probably one of the more fulfilling projects I did this fall. I recommend keeping a media diary to anyone who is reading this (so that I can be in your diary).

7. I spoke on a panel with Marisa Olson and Sean J Patrick Carney about Internet/Publishing. The temperature was hot but the conversation was cool.

8. Some of my .Gifs were projected at this outdoor festival in Detroit, curated by Molly Soda and Aric Miller.

9. Here is a list of recent screenings of my videos: –“Am I Evil?” in “From The Cloud” curated by Faith Holland. Screened at DAM Gallery, Berlin, Legion TV, London, Spectacle, Brooklyn -Excerpts from “The Urgency” screened at ŠKVER Art Projekt: Losinj, Croatia and META (The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale): Abrantes, Portugal, plus a couple other venues here and there . . .

10. I was a model for Cory Arcangel’s Surfware Clothing line. I’m not sure where or when these images are coming out in print. This was also a very fun project. We went to Micro Center in Brooklyn and browsed all the new hard drives. I was very honored to be invited, because Cory only invites “Pro Surfers” to model his clothing line (and he doesn’t take pictures of the model’s face–phew!).

11. I made a music video in 1 day for the Schwarz remix of “Down With The Sickness”. This may be the best music video I have ever made. So simple, so real:


1. A music video for my high school friend and one of the best musicians in the world: Emil Amos aka Holy Sons–it’s a song off his most recent record for Thrill Jockey.

2. A top-secret collaboration between myself and Cory Arcangel.