News About ME



1. ART SHOW AT INTERSTATE PROJECTS, all new work, 2 floors. animatronic sign-waving mannequins, UV prints and a video installation downstairs (pics coming soon) opens September 18, 2015:

and this is the trailer for the show I made:

2. I interviewed Cory Arcangel about Surfware for Kaleidoscope I guess it’s not online I thought it was.

3. I donated art/made art for the following fundraisers: The Lab, San Francisco, Flux Factory, NYC

4. I am living in Oberlin, OH for the year, teaching Integrated Media in the Studio Art Department here. Come visit!

5. some new writing, about another New Hive commission: “Shadows, Boxes, and Computers”

6. A big hard-cover book of Paul Bright’s collection of Paper Rad zines is being premiered at the printed matter book fair at PS1 September 17th. We each wrote something for it and we also made a limited edition lenticular print for the fair. Also on display (behind glass) will be Paul’s Paper Rad zine, poster, and t-shirt collections.

7. I made a thing for that 9.99 show everyone was in in Brooklyn.

8. One of my painting/video combo projects “the best/the worst” is currently on display at a show in Brooklyn curated by Cinders Gallery called “Pattern/Chaos”.