News About ME

2018 year end “rap up”

Just a quick post to share what I worked on this year. It’s been a while:

1) I updated the “shows” and “videos” sections of this site to share art show documentation and videos from the last 3 years. I also added one new publication to the “publications” section.

2) was archived as a part of Rhizome’s Net Anthology series. We also did an interview with Rhizome about the site, the collective, and it’s influence:

3) Two pieces of press for my cell phone charging sculpture that was in the Difference Engine group exhibition this summer at Lisson Gallery NYC, curated by Cory Arcangel and Tina Kukielski:

4) I made a promotional video to encourage people to apply to the MFA program at DePaul University, where I am now the co-chair of the program along with Amy Lockhart. Please feel free to share this with anyone interested in animation/higher education/experimental moving images. I know grad school is expensive and seems like a scam but at least our program is built to have a balance of practical industry/job skills and weird ideas/creative approaches. It is a unique place to go to school:

5) I made the album art for one of my favorite bands, Dogs in Ecstasy:

6) The beer can label I designed for Marz Brewing won “Best Beer Label Design 2018” on Hop Culture:

This beer label features a comic and an essay that I wrote, where I am trying to “unpack” the current social media-fueled hazy/juicy craft beer craze:

7) A list of recent screenings/group shows/performances/etc:
Various Screenings/Venues/Dates:  Ways of Something Ep. 2 (curated/produeced by Lorna Mills)
Feb. 3rd: Zine Not Dead
May 26th: Discussion with David O’Reilly for Frame by Frame Animator’s Conference
September 4th:  Paper Rad versus Animal Charm at Light Industry
September 27th: “Mugs” group exhibition of portraits, curated by Tyson Reeder at Club Nutz Chicago: