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Late 2014 UPDATES

It’s been a while, I’ve got a lot of UP-d8s: 1. I recently finished an online commission for NewHive entitled “New Expressions.”  In addition I wrote some notes about the project as I worked on it, which were published to Hyperallergic. Here is an image from one of the 11 web pages from this project: 2. “The Urgency” will be screened in it’s […]


I am very excited to announce the DVD and Download version of some of my recent videos: Here is a trailer: As always: Music by Extreme Animals Videos by Jacob Ciocci (me). And here are some excerpts: These files have been burning a hole on my hard drive for too long–I have been working/adding […]


1. I was invited to be a part of Brad Troemel’s “Chat Room 3″ reading group at BHQFU in Manhattan. They read 3 of my essays and we talked about them as a group. Also it was the day #normcore broke so let’s just say the discussion got #weirdcore. 2. I wrote a brief essay […]