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Late 2014 UPDATES

It’s been a while, I’ve got a lot of UP-d8s: 1. I will be launching an online commission for NewHive along with a related essay/post for Hyperallergic on December 16th. It’s a new animated painting/web-based project, similar to these older ones, but focused more specifically on the idea of Defaults and Interfaces: 2. “The Urgency” will be screened in […]


I am very excited to announce the DVD and Download version of some of my recent videos: Here is a trailer: As always: Music by Extreme Animals Videos by Jacob Ciocci (me). And here are some excerpts: These files have been burning a hole on my hard drive for too long–I have been working/adding […]

The Value Of Being Trolled

For about a week I have been wanting to write a blog post called “the value of being trolled” about how negativity online is related to cultural value. The introductory example was going to be Rebecca Black’s Friday, along with her recently uploaded video “Rebecca Black Reacts to Friday,” in which she cringe-watches her way […]