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1. I was invited to be a part of Brad Troemel’s “Chat Room 3″ reading group at BHQFU in Manhattan. They read 3 of my essays and we talked about them as a group. Also it was the day #normcore broke so let’s just say the discussion got #weirdcore. 2. I wrote a brief essay […]


1. Very proud of our new limited edition VHS release “The Urgency”. We have been working on these songs and videos slowly over the past few years and I think it turned out great. It comes with an 8-page zine with some new writing by me. “DEDICATED TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD THEIR […]

Spring 2013 updates

1.My new project “The Salesman,” which I made in collaboration with Cleveland local celebrity and eccentric furniture salesman Marc Brown (aka Marc Norton) is on display at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art. Full photo and video documentation coming soon. For now, check out this page.¬†Or watch some of his commericals online. 2. Recent screenings […]