“Music Is A Question With No Answer ” DVD-R

“Music Is a Question With No Answer”
Released by Audio Dregs Records

Coinciding with their 2010 tour, Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman (Extreme Animals)  released  3 new videos onto DVD-R, published by Audio Dregs:

“Continuing their ongoing investigation into the relationship between the banal and the trancendent, the works on “Music Is A Question . . .” combine original video footage with footage from VHS tapes and the internet into a bewildering maelstrom of contemporary American pathos. Their videos avoid clear cut definitions between producer and consumer, original and derivative, successfully blurring the lines between the authentic and the trite or the liberating and the imprisoning.  How are tweens using YouTube and how is YouTube using tweens? What happens to the activist notion of “going green” when it becomes as ubiquitous as a smiley face on a plastic bag?

excerpt from “Music Is A Question . . .”:

Included on the dvd-r:
“Questions of the Ages”
“My Life My Language”
“Dark Green”