Experience The Creativity

exhibited at Cooper Cole Gallery
Toronto, ON
September-October 2012

This exhibit featured the premiere of:

“I Am An Artist”
mixed media collage (36×36) with accompanying HD video

Here is a video showing what this project looked like installed at Cooper Cole Gallery:

The static mixed media collage on the left (36×36) is used as source material for an HD animation which is projected onto a blank canvas on the right. Here is a video of this projection, with a representation of the static collage on the left (for context):

Also on view at this exhibit for the first time were the following collages:

No Pain, 2009 48 x 48 inches

ROTFLOL World, mixed media collage 2009, 16×16 inches, My Life Fart Hole, mixed media collage, 2009, 16×16 inches, Diary of a Madman, mixed media collage, 2009, 16×16 inches, Nirvana: It’s About Time, mixed media collage, 2009, 16×16 inches