Persistence Of Vision Of Faces Of Death

6 23×46 collages and HD video

First exhibited at “Disorder Disorder: Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art” at the Penrith Regional Gallery in Australia
14 August – 14 November, 2010

“For the exhibit “Disorder, Disorder”, Ciocci exhibited an iteration of his series “Trapped and Frozen Forever.” This piece, entitled “Persistence of Visions of Faces of Death” places an HD-video next to 1 of 6 unique collages of the same size:

The 6 collages (each 23 x 36 inches) were made to function as oversized frames in a 6-frame animation. Below is a lo-res animation of all 6 collages played back to back:

The collages were then scanned, further edited digitally, resulting in the final looping HD video composition below:

“As in Ciocci’s earlier installations “Am I Evil?” and “Trapped and Frozen Forever 1,” different approaches in contemporary image-making are juxtaposed against one another. The ephemeral/moving image is placed next to the static/physical image. Content is translated back and forth from analog to digital, from physical to virtual, manipulated by consumer computer software, printers, paint, markers, and scissors in an intuitive manner. Here we see a young child wearing a monster mask, standing in front of a reflection of herself. We watch as her representation breaks apart, obscured amidst a sea of disparate visual references,  the visual continuity between animated frames turning to noise. . . ”
“Disorder Disorder presents a range of new and existing works from artists generally seen as ‘outsiders’, ‘independents’ or ‘dissidents’. Working with a fierce DIY direction, and often with little formal or academic training, the artists come from areas of urban street culture including graffiti, commercial art, skateboarding, tattooing, surfing, punk rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, computer programming and gang-life – speaking to their peers in their own language rather than the art world. This is the ‘art’ of the disengaged, suspicious and justifiably cynical which creates a remarkably fresh approach to visual arts not created simply to please the existing art audience.

The exhibition features work from 10 renegade Australian artists, 6 artists from the USA, Stefan Marx from Germany, French and Marcus Oakley from the UK and Tomoo Gokita from Japan.”